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The Honor is Mine.

Whew! The first wedding of the season is officially done and over! Holy cow, what an absolutely AMAZING experience. Getting eveything ready for this years wedding season has been so wild, with so many ups and downs it was such a relief to have everything pull together perfectly.

We were so lucky to work with such an incredible bride and groom to really kick things off for us. This is truly a good start for our little family business.

Weddings can really be stressful for the birdal party (we have 6 children and have dealt with the qedding stress from each and every one of them, we are pretty much experts) and we always want to make things a little easier for them so they can focus on getting down the aisle and saying their "I do's". So while we bustle around the property perfecting the last details we got the chance to watch everyone enjoy themselves. Seeing smiles, and hearing laughter was so special. Plus the many compliments on the property meant the world to us.

Our home is up the hill from the event center which allows us to be on call for any wedding needs during the actual events. It also allowed us to open our doors and hear the absolute joy coming from the Estate. The lake acts like a speaker and bounces all sounds off water so we were able to hear the cheering and applause and the music during the first dance. Ahh. Wow it was so special.

Everyone was a pleasure to work with and this was 100% a dream come true. Being a part of someones wedding is such an honor.

We LOVE love. We can not wait to be a part of many many more Happily Ever Afters.

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