• Avrill

The Devil in the Details

Spring has arrived, and it brought company.

Rain, sun, flowers and wedding bells.

This is really our first wedding season with the estate and property and oh man, it is tough work.

We know how important it is to have every single detail perfected for all events ESPECAILLY weddings. Not only is it one of the most memorable days of a persons life (along with babies being born, graduations and eating the worlds best taco) it is highly photographed, and maybe those small mistakes wont stand out to you in the moment (because hello, its your wedding day and all you can focus on is getting down that isle to say "I do") but seriously can you imagine looking back at your wedding album and seeing any imperfections? Yeah, not on our watch. So in other words we are busy with every possible fix we can make. Big or small.

Obviously taking a run down farm house and turning it back to its original form of a summer estate has its challenges but I swer, there is nothing more rewarding than getting to be a part of someones greatest adventure of love. And all the little loose ends are being tied because in 8 VERY short days we are hosting our first wedding in the season. Im not sure who is more excited, the happy couple, or us!

Ahh, I love love.

Bring on the wedding season.

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