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Ok I'm engaged. Now what?

So he or she got down on one knee (or something less 19th century) and I said yes. What next? I have all these ideas but where do I start? Yeah weddings are so magical and exciting... and daunting and overwhelming. I feel you girl, trust me. I've done this before, so I know how you feel. Thousands of butterflies because you're marrying the love of your life and that is SO exciting, and you get this dream wedding but you have to make all these huge decisions. Hopefully we can make this easier on you.

So the biggest choice is made, you have your person. The one you'll be saying "I do" to. And you have your venue (hello shameless self promotion, have you heard of the Bradley Estate and Event Center?) those are two of the hugest things that need to be handled first. Of course now you now need your squad. The people who have been by your side through life, and now you need them by your side for all wedding planning. I had six bridesmaids, and dude, it was a lot. I do recommend picking an even amount though! 2, 4, or 6. This will be super helpful for your photographer. You and your significant other should agree on a number before asking anyone. You don't want to have 6 bridesmaids when they have 2 people. Find your people, ask your people. Visit our pinterest page if you want to find some cute bridal proposals.

Next step is finding THE dress. Every girls favorite part, right? Well it was mine. I mean I actually bought my dress before he even "officially" proposed, I just couldn't wait. Here's what we recommend: we know those chain stores can be intriguing but seriously, go look at some boutiques or small town businesses too. I recommend this especially if you want something unique. Davids Bridal is awesome but you take the risk of wearing the same dress as 10 different girls in your town. Also! Don't be afraid of buying online, just make sure you do your research! I really like the website Jjs House. Set up a dress try on at a luxurious dress shop, have your friends and mom meet you there and figure out what you like and what style looks good on. Then go to a website you can trust and buy a similar dress. Chances are you'll end up saving some money and you still get that fun try on experience.

Your bridesmaids might be asking by now, "what color are you putting me in?" Now you can pick your wedding theme or colors. Make sure you're thoughtful of the people actually wearing these colors, the last thing you want is to put girls in orange if they hate orange. But at the end of the day it is your wedding so... if you want orange than you do you girl. So, browse instagram, browse pinterest and make a million "dream boards" then setting on a color scheme. You'll be using this color scheme in everything, your invitations, flowers, decorations, bridal party clothes ect. Decide if there is a theme you want to coincide with your colors. Gold and red... Harry Potter? OMG imagine having the groomsmen in death eater robes. No?

Now you get to settle on an invite list and get those "Save the Dates" ready. Opt to order from an online store or personalize them with your engagement pictures. Hire a photographer (usually you'll have the same one for engagements and wedding day pictures.) and use a more personal touch. You want to give your local friends about 4 months of planning ahead and any one who has to travel should be given about 6 months to find airfare and accommodations. Send out the actual invites 3 months before the wedding!

This should give you a pretty good starting place. These are just a hand full of big things that need to be done but it should keep you pretty busy for the first few months of planning. I'll check back in with you soon to add to your to-do list as you get closer to your wedding.

*As a side note, what do you want to read about as you plan your wedding? Do you need advice? have questions? let me know! I would love to address them in my future posts.*

happy planning <3

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