What to expect

You're coming to visit! yay! We can not wait for your arrival. Here are a few need to knows for your arrival. This page will give you information on local things to see, things to do, and information regarding our beautiful farm house escape.  We hope you find the information listed here helpful, if you have more questions we are only a call or text away.

The great escape

Our small town provides a wonderful secluded escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Many people find solace along the shores of our lake while fishing, others enjoy the boating life or wonder along many beautiful trails in our area. The benefit of our hidden gem is you will have access to lots of land to explore, with the farm animals to keep you company. In addition to being only a small dirt road away from some of the best fishing spots in the county. Visit this link to find more enjoyable activites while in our area. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g1757565-Activities-Lake_County_California.html 

Please keep in mind that our fun and special get away house is so special because of its location. It is secluded, amidst wild life and lake views. Due to this beautiful are please remember that a bit of dust is inevitable. Despite the thorough hours of cleaning process between each visit, the house is on a dirt road and shares the land with a small farm. Dirt won't hurt! Just keep in mind that if you find some dust on your nightstand, it was likely dusted several hours prior to your arrival, but dust tends to settle anyway. As well as the light layer of dusting, you may find some buggy friends. This is very typical with a lake house and is nothing to be of concern. Again, it is not for a lack of cleaning, rather the sacrifice of having a lake front view. We do have a very extensive cleaning process. 

Fishing, the lake and boat launch

It is important to note that during the hot summer months our lovely lake has an algae bloom. Typically the most intense stage is during August and September though it can appear during any of our summer months. The Algae can carry an unpleasant scent and can make swimming in the lake less than admirable. Despite it's name, Clearlake is not so clear when algae is in bloom.

For our fishers visiting we ask that you PLEASE refrain from putting any fish in the fridge. This kitchen is used for events such as weddings and we find it to be rather unpleasant to have bass stenched wedding cake as removing fishy smells can be nearly impossible. We do have an ice chest for you to store your catch in, but you must provide your own ice. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Clearlake houses a fragile ecosystem and as such has to be treated kindly. According to the county it is mandatory that all boats be screened and receive their mussel sticker as to assure no new species are introduced to the lake. Please see this link to find screening locations http://www.nomussels.com/locations.htm